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Traditionally, numerals were used exclusively for street addresses and were omitted in all other instances, including the date and year.

Today’s invitations are much more creative with the use of numbers. Often the date and year are displayed in decorative numbers that add to the appeal of the design.

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Traditionally, abbreviations on invitations were not used, including abbreviations of times, like “PM” instead of “in the evening.”

Today, rules are much less formal. Months, days of the week, titles, and addresses are often abbreviated. The use of abbreviations is entirely up to you.

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Wedding invitations do not require punctuation at the end of a line; however, commas should still be used within lines to separate the day of the week from the day of the month. In addresses, commas should still be used to separate the city from the state.

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Capitalization rules aren’t any different for wedding invitations than any other form of writing.

However, modern invitations tend to favor style over grammar, and will often have blocks of text in all uppercase or lowercase. In the end, how tocase your invitation is up to you.

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