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Basic Elements of Reception Cards

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Reception Card Etiquette

Whenever the reception and wedding ceremony are held at different locations, they are considered separate events. As such, each requires its own invitations. When the ceremony and the reception are held at the same place they are not necessary.

Occasion Line

The occasion line is the first line on the reception card. When the reception will be occurring before one o’clock, regardless of what will be served, the occasion line should read "Breakfast". When occurring after one o’clock it should read "Reception".

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Time Line

The second line on the reception card is the time line. It usually reads, “immediately following the ceremony.” This phrase is not to be taken literally, as it only implies that the reception will start in a reasonable time after the ceremony. If the reception will start more than two hours after the ceremony ends, this phrase should be replaced with the appropriate time, such as, "at six o’clock."

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The location of the reception is listed on the third line of the reception card. If your reception will be hosted at a friend or family member’s household, their name is given on the location lines. The phrase “at the residence of” should precede their name.

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Common Questions

Where is meal preference put?

While you may have seen some brides do this in the past, it is not proper to do so. Menu selections do not belong on reply cards. Your caterer or restaurant should be able to make an accurate estimate.

We have a limit on guests, should we add a line for "number of guests attending"?

While you may have seen some brides do this in the past, it is not proper to do so.

Other Wording Examples

Reception Card - Wording 1

The celebration continues
reception immediately following the ceremony

The Tree Top Hotel
543 Westgrove Way.

For more details, please visit

Reception Card - Wording 2

We request the pleasure of
your company for dinner and dancing
immediately following the ceremony

Palm Beach Country Club
2342 Winston Ave
Tampa, FL

Reception Card - Wording 3

Please join us for Cocktails,
dinner and dancing in
honour of the new
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Jones

At six o’clock in the evening

Bear River Country Club
10051 Bear River Drive

Reception Card - Wording 4

Come celebrate with us,
dinner and dancing immediately
following the ceremony

The Channel Point at Cliff walk
in Newport, Rhode Island
2345 Cliff Walk Rd

Please park in the parking structure
across from the building