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Basic Elements of Response Cards

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Modern Response Card Etiquette

Response card etiquette has evolved over the years and it will continue to do so. Currently the most popular method of obtaining guest counts is to send out a paper response or RSVP card.

It has become increasingly common to see response cards that offer guests the option to reply via a wedding website, like our Free Wedding Websites. Your website can be noted on the invitation itself, or on a separate details card.

Request Lines

A "Please respond by" line is typically included on every response card. The request lines may be in either the first two lines of the reply card or in the lower left-hand corner. Most couples ask that their replies be returned at least one month before the wedding date.

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Guests' Name

Traditionally, an"M," for Mr. or Mrs., followed by a line for the guest to write in their names was placed on response cards.

Today, most RSVP cards include a blank line for writing in the names of the guests who will be attending.

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Guest Response

The most common response line format to split the guest's response line into two lines. "Will attend" is preceded by a line for their response, and on the line beneath it "will not attend."

Modern invitations often are less formal, using fun conventions like "We can’t wait!" and "We can't make it," or other fun plays on words.

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Common Questions

Do I need a paper rsvp?

Many couples opt to have their guests RSVP through their Free Wedding Website. If doing so, note your site URL on your invitation, or on a separate details card.

Should I include a meal preference?

If serving a coursed meal, many couples opt to allow guests to note meal preferences, diet restrictions, or allergies. Couples may also choose to allow a meal selection. This option is not needed for meals served buffet or family-style.

We have a limit on guests, should we add a line for "Number of guests attending"?

If you have strict space restrictions or a strict seating plan, you can choose to add a line for the number of guests attending. The typical format is to have a blank line followed by "number of guests attending."

What else can I include?

You can make the response card your own by allowing guests a space to request a song to be played at your reception or write a small note to the happy couple.