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Basic Elements of ceremony Cards

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Ceremony Card Etiquette

For large receptions with small ceremonies, invitations to the reception are sent to everyone. Those invited to the ceremony receive a ceremony card along with their invitation. The ceremony cards serve as invitations to attend the actual wedding ceremony.

Though smaller than the actual invitation, ceremony cards still follow formal invitation format.

Request Lines

The phrase "the honor of your presence is requested" is typically reserved for ceremonies taking place at a house of worship, (temple, church, synagogue, other places of worship). The phrase "you are invited to attend" is typically used for ceremonies not taking place in religious setting.

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Date Line

Traditionally, the day of the week and date are written out in full. Numerals and abbreviations should be avoided.

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Time Line

You may also include the time of day though this is not necessary, as most people are able to determine the appropriate time of day. You may find that if your wedding is being held at an unusually late or unusually early time that including the time of day is useful.

The phrases "in the morning" or "in the evening" should be used over the "a.m." and "p.m." abbreviations.

"Half after," not "half past" should be used. Times between 12 noon and 5:30 pm are considered afternoon. Any time earlier is considered the morning, and anytime later is considered the evening.

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The location of the wedding should be included. No abbreviations should be used. It is not necessary to include a zip code. An address may be bypassed if the location is common knowledge. If marrying at a household, simply the address should be provided.

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LDS Ceremony Card Etiquette

LDS sealing ceremonies are very intimate, performed only in Temples before a limited number of family and friends. LDS ceremony cards may follow the same etiquette as traditional ceremony cards, but typically include a few minor changes.

Though it is still proper to use the terms “marriage ceremony” or “wedding ceremony” many LDS brides feel it is more appropriate to use the phrase “sealing ceremony” or “temple ceremony”. This is because Latter-day Saint couples believe they are “sealed for time and all eternity” during this ceremony.

On the ceremony location line, it is not considered proper to include “LDS or Latter-Day Saint” along with the temple name, as in “Salt Lake LDS Temple” as those receiving the ceremony card will be Latter-day Saints, and will be well aware that the Temple is an LDS temple.

It is not considered proper to include the line, “Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the sealing". Even though this may be found on many LDS ceremony cards. It is assumed that your guests will already be familiar with this etiquette. If you are concerned that your guests will not be familiar with this etiquette, they should be educated by word-of-mouth.